The experience our clients have throughout our engagements is as important as our knowledge of the Google products.

Below are illustrations of some of the projects we've delivered and feedback from our clients.

Example 1 - Initial Workspace Setup

Experiencing rapid growth, the client needed to move to a new eCommerce platform. This created an opportunity to select Workspace as an alternative to a POP email service and to improve how the staff works together.

Our Work

Our team helped the client created their Workspace account which included establishing all users, groups and general solution configuration. As part of project, we migrated over 10 years of business content including emails, calendars and documents. Unique to this project was that the client's users preferred using Outlook. We guided them on the installation of Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook in each of the desktops.

Example 2 - Workspace Account Consolidation

With several diverse business operations, this client looked to harmonize their operations through a single Workspace platform. Each entity had a mix of email platforms and a diverse approach to managing important business documents.

Our Work

With this client, we consolidated various legacy email services including migrating existing Google Workspace accounts. During this process we created all of the users, groups and various application settings. We guided the client on migrating all documents, contacts and calendars to the new Workspace account. The client received continuous education on the full power of the solution and how to improve key business processes.

Example 3 - Setup Google for Nonprofits

The client determined that Workspace for Non Profits would enable them to reduce the number of applications they used. Additionally, many of the current and future staff members were comfortable using Workspace, improving productivity.

Our Work

We created the Workspace for Non Profits account for the organization. This included creating all of the user accounts and migrating vasts amount of historical emails. The client requirements also required the creation of several Groups used for shared communications and tasks. One of the more complex needs was for a team of interns that required limited access. We separated these users into a sub-Organization Unit and adjusted application settings specific to their needs.

Customer Feedback

"Magpies was completely amazing! They moved all 10 years of dealership emails from one mail platform to Workspace!"

"Magpies took the ball, came up with the plan, and drove it forward to completion."

"Magpies came prepared by researching the issues ahead of time. They walked me through Google Workspace, solving every single one of my issues while teaching me how to navigate the apps myself."

"Great communication and overall excellent work. Completed our initial project ahead of schedule and will remain available to support our team on an as needed basis."

"We were having a challenge with email conflicts within the domains of our Workspace account. Magpies was quick to respond to our inquiry and offered two recommendations within hours."

"Magpies was a fantastic help for me and my small business. They answered all of my questions and concerns about Google Workspace and helped prepare me with the knowledge needed to have seamless workspace."

"I contacted Magpies because my small nonprofit had experienced some Workspace security issues and had questions regarding the email account and aliases used by a former employee. They responded right away and was able to speak to us that day."

"I've recently started my own small business and as such have had tons of questions and confusions on how to ramp up with Workspace. Magpies has been outstanding and there's no question too small or big."