More about who we are

What defines us.

Experienced Technologists

Our team has decades of experience in corporate technology. We've developed, configured, administered, demonstrated or sold every type of business application. Our diverse backgrounds allows us to deliver a unique engagement to our clients.

Google Fanatics

We are dedicated Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform - that is it and nothing else. By being "all in", our clients engage with Magpies knowing we are laser focused on their success with that product. We selected Workspace because we are confident in its ability to deliver solid business value.

Curious Tinkers

Our team are people who receive personal satisfaction from "getting it to work" and, as importantly, in "design elegance". We really enjoy reading technical manuals, spending time researching peer solutions, and considering trends that are shaping and impacting corporate technology.

Straight Shooters

Our staff just does not know how to be any other way. We express our opinions in a straight-forward manner so that you can make the clearest and most informed decisions. Our clients best interests are always our first priority. We stake our reputation on being transparent.

Relationship Builders

People want to work with others who they trust and know they will be there to support them over time. Our focus is on long-term and not short-term relationships. We look forward to the opportunity to develop a partnership with your organization in support of Workspace.

People Centered

Life is short and time is precious. How we spend our time during the work hours should be fulfilling and not distracting from life. We are focused on what is important in the lives of the people we work with - our clients, our partners, and our associates.

Why we chose Magpies as our name.

Well, it's not because we are a bunch of bird brains. We love Magpies for their elegant beauty, their deep intelligence, and their resourceful creativity.

They are one of the most intelligent animals on our planet. This has been demonstrated through the use of tools, organizing themselves into teams, and the implementation of complex strategies.