Creating harmonized workplaces.

Google Workspace enables harmony at work.

Magpies ensures Google Workspace works for you.

What is it?

A work place with harmony communicates efficiently, innovates rapidly and responds quickly to change.  

Why have it?

To remain competitive in today's evolving world, every organization needs to increase their speed and agility.  

Who needs it?

Established large corporations, fast growing startups, and nonprofits changing the world.  In short, everyone.

What can Google Workspace enable?

Improved creativity.

Google Workspace enables teams to work together from anywhere, at any time, and in one version of the document.  This allows a collaborative creative process that ensures everyone contributes.

Faster decision making.

Google Workspace has unified how an organization communicates so that everyone can engage from anywhere, at any time, vastly moving business decisions forward more quickly.

Safer company data.

Google Workspace has built a layer of protection for their customer's communications and storage of documents that has been tested and proven to be industry leading.

Why consider working with us?

What we offer.

Close attention to your requirements, an organized approach to the work, all supported by proven experience with the Google products. 

What we bring.

A track record of success, centered on strong customer satisfaction, and always listening to how we can improve. 

Who we are.

We believe in creating relationships that are built to last.  This is achieved by amplifying transparency, empathy, fairness, and a balanced life.