Creating harmonized work places.

A work place with harmony communicates efficiently, innovates rapidly and responds quickly to change.

To remain competitive in today's evolving world, every organization needs to increase their speed and agility.

This is true for an established large corporation, a fast growing startup, a nonprofit changing the world, and even for a one person company with a dream.

Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform enable the harmonization of work for organizations of all size. Magpies Consulting specializes exclusively in these solutions.

Our services support your success through a proven approach where we will help you realize the full potential of these solution.

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What we offer?

Close attention to your requirements, an organized approach to the work, all supported by proven experience with the Google products. We focus on helping you achieve measurable business improvements and protect against any project risks.

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What we bring?

A track record of success, centered on strong customer satisfaction, and always listening to how we can improve. We've shared some of our experiences as illustrations to what we've provide to others organizations.

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What are our fees?

Our clients deserve the very best guidance and the very best results. The fees for our services are market competitive and we are determined on ensuring our clients gain value from each engagement.

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Who are we?

We believe in creating relationships that are built to last. The way we achieve this is by amplifying transparency, empathy, fairness, and a balanced life. We take this mindset in every interaction we have with our clients, our associates, and our partners.

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